Prosthodontic Specialist Practice

There are currently 400 Prosthodontic Specialists in the UK out of around 30,000 registered dentists.
It takes an additional 5-7 years of rigorous university led post graduate study for a general dentist to join the specialist list for prosthodontics.

What is Prosthodontics?

Prosthodontics is the speciality branch of dentistry that relates to rebuilding natural teeth and restoring missing teeth with artificial (prosthetic) materials. This may involve a crowns, bridges, bonding or other prosthesis.
Other possible reasons for seeing prosthodontist  are ill fitting dentures, missing teeth, damaged teeth include excessive wear, and tooth decay. A prosthodontic specialist will help you come up with the best way to restore the function and appearance of your teeth.

Dental Bridges 
This is used in fixing gaps left by missing teeth using other teeth for support.

This is used for repair of heavily damaged or broken teeth with caps or crown.

This is repairing discoloured, broken down or misshapen front teeth using porcelains, zirconia or ceramics.

This is a removable type of prosthesis suitable for replacing multiple missing teeth.

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